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Our system

Over the years, each step has been tested and carefully mapped and thanks to the experience gained in the field, we have increased our ability to intervene in the best way on each child.
For over twenty years, Bambini in Emergenza has been working on the field to welcome abandoned minors born to a seropositive mother and possibly HIV +. By doing this, for each child entrusted to us, a personalized journey begins to recover from the traumas of abandonment and to look for special Mothers and Fathers who are willing to receive them in their families.
The methodology underlying this operation is called the ‘Bambini in Emergenza System’: the system is unique in its kind, of great social impact and replicable in contexts that present the same emergency (child abandonment).
The bambini in emergenza system is divided into linked and essential phases, aimed at the ultimate goal of the child’s return to society, namely: REPORTING, WELCOMING, NORMALIZATION AND INTEGRATION.
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The Child Protection Service reports a case of abandonment to Bambini in Emergenza.

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The child is welcomed to their Andreea Damato Pilot Centre in Singureni.

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Inside the Pilot Centre, the child is helped to recover from the trauma resulting from abandonment..

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After completing the course, the child is integrated in a new family (foster or adoptive).

Each stage has been carefully covered and carefully mapped over time, so as to minimize the variables in the game, the possibility of being able to intervene in the best way on each child is very high.

The system has a significant social impact by being able to change the fate of the abandoned child in all respects. It is all the more effective the sooner it is activated, i.e. the shorter the child’s stay in the hospital and the subsequent transfer to a reception facility and entrust to a new family.