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Our journey


On September 25, 2019 Bambini in Emergenza inaugurates the first Montessori Community Centre (Floare de Colț) in Bucharest with the aim of offering 45 of the most disadvantaged children in a district (sector 6) of Bucharest, an excellent preschool education, according to the Montessori method.


Through a crowdfunding campaign and the help of many, Bambini in Emergenza buys an electric craniotomy for paediatric neurosurgery of the Chisinau Hospital, capital of the Republic of Moldova.


In July the children benefit from their now usual summer vacation in Italy in Montegiordano Marina (CS), enriched in 2016 by a day of workshops and fun-recreational activities in Bologna at the headquarters of the Golinelli Foundation.


Help for abandoned and / or sick children continues with the management of the Damato Andreea Pilot Centre in Singureni and with the family integration project ‘Una Mamma anche per me’.


A new summer holiday is offered to the children of the Pilot Centre in Italy, in Montegiordano Marina (CS), from the Diocese of Cassano allo Ionio (CS) and the Emmanuel Volunteer Association of Cerignola (FG).


The project ‘A mother for me too’ is launched to give a mother and a family to abandoned children welcomed in the Andreea Damato Centre in Singureni.


The eighth family house, Casa Santa Giuliana, is built in the Andreea Damato Pilot Centre to house up to eleven abandoned and / or sick children.


In collaboration with the Italian Foundation, Bambini in Emergenza supports research on Rett syndrome, a serious neurological pathology, by funding the European Mind and Metabolism Association (E.M.M.A.).


In honour and in memory of its founder, the Mino Damato Prize is established, consisting of a cash contribution to be allocated to medical-scientific research and innovation.


On 12 November the Andreea Damato Pilot Centre receives the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini, who delivers humanitarian aid to the children of Singureni from the main Italian companies.


The family houses of the Centre of Singureni are opened to welcome the youngest, aged between a few months and two years, abandoned and / or sick.


In collaboration with Bambini in Emergenza Italia, the construction of a paediatric pavilion inside the North Kinangop Catholic Hospital, in Kenya, is financed.


In collaboration with the Bambini in Emergenza Italian Foundation, the construction of the Nyumbani-Kitui-Village in Kenya, the first centre for the reception and care of orphans and AIDS patients, is financed.


On September 3, the Foundation team and its children are welcomed to the Vatican by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, for a blessing.


An apartment, called Casa dello Studente, is purchased in Giurgiu to offer a support point for older children.


For all minors, in defence of their essential and inviolable rights, the first (and only in the world) Children’s Embassy is established in Singureni.


Collaboration begins with the Congregation of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi (Italy), who are entrusted with the task of looking after the children hosted in the family homes of our welcome centre in Singureni.


In just 34 working days, the paediatric oncology department of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome is completely renovated.


In the rural village of Singureni, 40 kilometres from Bucharest, the ‘Andreea Damato Pilot Centre‘ is built. 


The entire B1 HIV Paediatric Pavilion of the ‘Victor Babes’ Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Bucharest is being renovated and becomes Casa Andreea.


Mino Damato discovers that in the ‘V. Babes’ from Bucharest (Romania) are hospitalized, in inhuman conditions, more than one hundred abandoned children and AIDS patients.


Mino Damato decides to ‘take the field’: he therefore constitutes Bambini in Emergenza, to bring concrete help to all Romanian children in difficulty.