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Is it possible to adopt a child in Romania?

In Romania, international adoptions and foster care have been closed since 2005, except for couples in which one or both spouses are Romanian citizens. Italian and generally foreign couples therefore cannot adopt children from Romania. Instead, national foster care and adoption are open, but each year they manage to become an alternative solution to the family home only for a small number of children (if compared to the total abandoned and adoptable). For our little ones, therefore, the only real possibility is national adoption in Romania while single or foreign couples may be close to them through long distance adoption. Because a family (although) at a distance can represent a great deal for the abandoned child and at the same time help us to bear the costs that we will face every month to welcome him into our Centre, help him overcome the trauma of abandonment and offer him opportunities for harmonious growth.

Can I involve other people to reach the donation I want?

Yes. We know that it can be difficult to have the money to be for example a father or a mother. For this reason we invite you to involve your knowledge to reach the donation you want, to become who you want to be. Collect resources in the office, among friends, with a small event or on Facebook. Each donation will correspond to a different profile and reserved area that you can freely access, with dedicated content.

Can I make a donation of less than the minimum amount foreseen?

Sure. It will be an important help for children, but you will not be able to access the Reserved Area. We will update you on the child via email during the year.

What does the supported child receive? How is the quota managed?

The donations are for all the needs of the child welcomed in our Centre. The children who are entrusted to us need everything, having neither family nor relatives who can contribute to their growth. For this reason, the list of what each child receives from us is the same as that of every mother: from food to clothes, from games to the care of his health. In the Reserved Area you will find a section that we call “Accounts”, in which from time to time we will share with you small and large expenses that concern the child. It will not be an administrative report, which you will find in another section of the site, but a narrative report in which you will see together with us how we use donations daily, for small and large daily needs. Each donation is used only for the needs of children, and only for the child who will be “entrusted” to you.

What do I get if I make a free donation without wanting to adopt a child remotely.

You will continue to receive regular updates on our projects.

How long does a remote support last?

One year from the date of donation (if it exceeds 50 euros).

Will I continue to support the same child all the time?

Yes. From the moment the child’s name is communicated, you will remain part of his family.

Can I have contact with the child?

Our children have been abandoned at birth and this has created a trauma that makes them even more sensitive to affections and alienation. You will then be able to inquire about the child through the Reserved Area, you can send him letters or gifts and eventually you will be able to visit him during our volunteer weeks but only after unquestionable evaluation by the professional staff of the Pilot Centre.

Why can't I see the child who will be adopted before donating?

In some cases, we will be the ones to immediately present the child who can be adopted remotely, in other cases this will not be possible. There are various reasons related to children’s history for which it is necessary to protect their right to privacy, reserving the images that show them only to those who access the Reserved Area. In some cases, we may want to avoid involuntary discrimination in child support if the donor could choose in advance who to support; but there may be urgent conditions that require us to allocate the willingness to adopt at a distance to a certain child, rather than to another, and this may only be possible to decide at the time of donation.


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