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Andreea Damato Pilot Centre


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Montessori Community Centre


“We have been fighting every day for over twenty years to guarantee abandoned and seropositive (HIV +) children are welcome into a family and enjoy the opportunities that Life has denied them”.

Unfortunately, there are still many, too many children who are abandoned every year in Romania (around 5,000). Carelessness, poverty, culture, illness, still push many Mothers to abandon their child (or their children). The state intervenes, but often late and without guaranteeing an adequate and dignified alternative location.

Bambini in Emergenza offers abandoned children and those reported by social services, an immediate welcome at their Andreea Damato Pilot Centre (in Singureni, in the South of Romania) and then making daily efforts to restore their missed growth opportunities and a sustainable lasting reintegration into society.



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The Child Protection Service reports a case of abandonment to Bambini in Emergenza.

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The child is welcomed in the Andreea Damato Pilot Centre in Singureni.

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.... the child is helped to recover from the traumas of abandonment.

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After this journey, the child is placed in a new family (foster or adoptive).


Psychological care

Most of the housed children in the Pilot Centre have been abandoned at birth, often directly in the hospital, where they generally remain for 6-12 months waiting for a ‘destination’.


Education and training

In order to promote the child’s cognitive development, allowing him a balanced growth and maximizing his learning skills, the Montessori Method was adopted in the Pilot Centre.


Medical-health care

Most of the children in the Pilot Centre were born to a seropositive mother. Many of them were abandoned by their mothers immediately after birth in the hospital, in the maternity wards.

Bambini in Emergenza was born in Romania in the late 90s thanks to the will and commitment of Mino Damato, a well-known Italian journalist and TV presenter. After adopting the little Andreea, an abandoned Romanian girl with AIDS, Damato decided to take the field and help the nearly one hundred children hospitalized together with Andreea in the Victor Babes Hospital in the capital of Bucharest. Thus began the long journey of Bambini in Emergenza which in more than twenty years of activity saved hundreds of abandoned and sick lives.

Mino Damato, our Founder

Through the words and the voice of Mino Damato, our founder, we will explain how Bambini in Emergenza was born.

The ultimate, most ambitious goal of our work is to give a new family to each of the abandoned children we care for, because we are sure that a healthy and harmonious growth is possible only with a mom and dad at their side. But for all the little ones who still don’t have it, we believe it would be important to have a family (at least) at a distance that, even if far away, can support and help them.
The long distance adoption that we propose is unique in its kind because it allows the adopter to follow closely the growth of his / her own child (even if at a distance). In fact, the donor will be given the opportunity to access a reserved area (ARCA) where we will periodically upload information and images of the adopted child (at distance), divided into six thematic areas: My story, My friends, Who take care for me, The piggy bank, important moments and What I learn. In this way, the adopter will be able to get to know his child day after day, to accompany him in his growth and verify the use of the financial contribution.
To talk about us and our numbers, we thought of using the number of hours, in a year, dedicated by our team to the children welcomed in the Pilot Centre of Singureni for education and play activities, treatments and psychological care.

Psychological Care


Medical Health Care


Child's Play


Education Training


A company can adopt one of our children

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