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About Us

“We don’t need miracles to believe or successes to persevere
Bambini in Emergenza was born in 1997 thanks to an extraordinary meeting and after 5 years of help sent without unfortunately obtaining real results and changes. We are in December 1989 and the execution of the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena put an end to the communist regime. The press discovers the tragedy of 300,000 abandoned children forced living into inhumane conditions, including 30,000 infected with the HIV virus.
Mino Damato, a well-known Italian journalist and TV presenter, travels to Romania to shed light on the drama of Romanian children and in search of an abandoned and AIDS-infected child whom he had learned through a report published in an Italian magazine. The little girl, Andreea, is hospitalized in the Victor Babes hospital in the capital of Bucharest, along with a hundred other children, all abandoned and sick.
Through an international custody decision, Damato manages to bring Andreea to Italy (and start the adoption procedure) and in the following 5 years, organizes collections, in cash and any other kind of aid, in favour of the Victor Babes Hospital. But in spite of everything he fails to obtain any real change in the condition of the hundred hospitalized children. For this reason, Damato decides to get involved and to personally dedicate himself to the cause of children abandoned and infected with the HIV + virus and established Bambini in Emergenza.
In its twenty years of activity, Bambini in Emergenza has carried out countless interventions on the Romanian territory and close collaborations with the main local authorities and hospitals in the capital. Today the Foundation is a national reference point in the fight against the affective, cognitive and relational marginalization and deprivation of abandoned and seropositive children and the only reality in the country authorized to welcome and assist abandoned and seropositive children.

Mino Damato, our founder

Through the words and the voice of Mino Damato we tell you about Bambini in Emergenza.