Psychological care

Most of the children who are hosted in our Centre have been abandoned at birth on maternity ward. On average, they stay in the hospital for 3 to 18 months waiting for social services to provide them another ‘destination’. The Centre also welcomes removed children from their family because they are victims of violence or rejected by their families of origin.

Each child of the Centre has a history of infinite emotional and stimulating deficiencies, followed by delays in cognitive, emotional and psychological development. A very difficult baggage of that only a few will be able to ‘get rid of it’ thanks to a personalized recovery path created in the Pilot Centre and then in the new family.

The children of the Centre are followed by the psychologist and psychotherapist of Bambini in Emergenza, who, thanks to twenty years of experience in the field of child abandonment, monitor the evolution of the child and intervene in a targeted way when necessary.

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