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The training of foster parents

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In Romania, for years, there has been a (professional) figure of the foster parent, or of a person who is willing to welcome one or more children into their family. To cover the costs incurred to take care of the minor (s), the foster parent receives a monthly contribution in cash, the amount of which (minimum) is defined by Romanian law.
To acquire the qualification of foster parent it is necessary to attend a training course (with theoretical and practical part) and to pass, with a positive judgment, a final exam. Access to the training course is preceded by a selection of the applications received, by a psycho-aptitude assessment of the aspiring foster parent (also extended to the members of his family) and the context in which the minor will eventually be introduced.
The first phase begins with the acquisition of applications from aspiring foster parents.

 – Each candidate is carefully evaluated by the team of Bambini in Emergenza after repeated meetings, even at home. The economic aspect of the new possible family context is also analysed very carefully. In fact, it will have to guarantee the child who will welcome (also thanks to the monthly contribution that Romanian law recognizes to the assistant) a standard of living that can promote healthy and harmonious growth and offer him opportunities for exchange and maturation;

 – The theoretical part of the course is held by the ‘Fundatia Internationala pentru Copil si Familie Dr Alexandra Zugravescu’ (with renowned experience and expertise in shaping the profile of the foster parent) and lasts 60 hours;

 – The practical part is carried out directly with the children of our Singuereni Centre (minimum of 16 hours).

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